Skeleton Models, Cpr Manikin, Anatomy Model - Yulin
Skeleton Models, Cpr Manikin, Anatomy Model - Yulin
Skeleton Models, Cpr Manikin, Anatomy Model - Yulin

Anatomical Medical Torso Model 23 Parts, 85cm Life Size Model with Removable Organs for Class, Students, Teaching Supplies

Get the Anatomical Medical Torso Model, perfect for student classrooms. Factory-made, life-size model with 23 detachable organs for detailed teaching.

Hospital LED dental surgery scope

Introducing our Hospital LED dental surgery scope! We are a reliable factory offering high-quality products for dental procedures. Improve accuracy and illumination with our advanced LED technology.

25pcs prepared microscope slides for general middle school students medical Teaching equipment

Factory-direct 25pcs Prepared Microscope Slides for middle school medical teaching equipment. High-quality and suitable for general student use. Order now!

A 180cm white human skeleton model that teaches physician-patient communication

Product Name: CommuniBones: Interactive Physician-Patient Communication Skeleton Description: Our factory presents CommuniBones, a 180cm white human skeleton model designed to enhance physician-patient communication.

Human Color skull Model Three-part anatomy Skull model Life-size

Explore our life-size Three-part anatomy Skull model, meticulously crafted in human color. Made in our factory with superior quality and precision. Shop now!

Arm intravenous injection kit for nurse practice and training

Introducing our Arm Intravenous Injection Kit for Nurse Practice and Training. As a factory, we offer high-quality products designed to enhance skills. Train with confidence. Shop now!

23 Parts Human Body Torso Model 45Cm Anatomy Model Unisex Removable Parts with Heart Brain for School Science Medical Education

Shop the 23 Parts Human Body Torso Model, a 45cm anatomy model perfect for school science and medical education. Unisex and removable parts including heart and brain. We are a factory providing quality products.

Life-size two-part magnetic heart anatomy model

Discover our Life-size two-part magnetic heart anatomy model. Designed in our factory, this educational product offers a comprehensive study of the human heart. Explore its structure and function today!

Medical science Advanced Medical Supplies Human Teaching resources educational Heart Anatomical Model For Medical School

Explore our factory-made advanced anatomical model for medical school. Enhance learning with our top-quality human teaching resources and medical supplies.

Human Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Medical Model Blood Vessel Anatomical Model Medical Teaching Supplies for School Students

Discover our factory-made Human Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Medical Model. Perfect for school students to understand blood vessel anatomy. Buy now!

anatomical hand model teaching equipment models human hand muscles and blood vessels model

Product Name: Anatomical Hand Model Teaching Set: Muscles & Blood Vessels Description: Explore our factory-made anatomical hand model teaching set, which includes detailed models of human hand muscles and blood vessels. Ideal for educational purposes.

Medicine 180cm color movable human skeleton model

Our 180cm color movable human skeleton model, Medicine, is meticulously crafted in our factory. Ideal for medical education and anatomical study.

50pcs Biology Microbiology Prepared Slides set for Teaching Resources and Education Equipment

Explore the fascinating world of biology and microbiology with our 50pcs Biology Microbiology Prepared Slides set. As a factory, we offer top-quality teaching resources and education equipment. Buy now for an immersive educational experience!

Medical teaching 6x adult eye anatomy model

Discover our high-quality Medical Teaching 6x Adult Eye Anatomy Model. As a factory, we provide detailed and accurate models for better understanding of eye anatomy.

Anatomical model special for hospital equal scale size human ear anatomy model

Introducing our hospital-grade, equal-scale size human ear anatomy model. Designed specifically for medical professionals, our anatomical model showcases intricate details. As a factory, we ensure top-quality products.

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